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Agricultural Literacy: It’s Time to Take a Stand

Recently, through
the media of our nation, the push towards urbanization is widely noticed. Due
to this, one of the top priorities of today’s agriculturalist should be to
educate the world on its importance. It seems to me that when common people
think of agriculture, they think of cowboys and tractors. However,
agriculturalists know the truth; agriculture is much more than that.  It provides a vast majority of jobs in the
U.S. and is the answer to the world food crisis. Those of us whose lifestyle
depends on agriculture need to stand up and increase agricultural literacy
around the world.

In the United
States, 24 million jobs are supported by agriculture according to the
Association of Agriculture Educators. That is larger than the entire population
of Australia by about three million. When considering support services to
agriculture, it is the largest employer in the nation, yet so many people are
illiterate on the impact of agriculture. Every year, the agricultural industry
contributes 34 billion dollars to our economy. That means agriculture could buy
every family in the U.S. a loaf of bread every week for 4 years, as said by
Monsanto.  Yahoo education called animal
science, horticulture, and agriculture useless degrees, but could they tell me
how to feed the future without people in those job areas? Nutritionists,
microbiologists, and environmental engineers are all the future of agriculture.

Every day,
approximately 25,000 people die of hunger and hunger-related diseases. Imagine
the entire population of Denver dying in one year. The scary thing is, by 2050
the food demand in the world will double. By that time, the world population
will reach over 9 million. According to the Food and Agriculture Organization
of the United Nations it is projected that food productivity will need to
increase by 70%. Who will be the ones to solve this problem when only two percent
of the U.S. population is farm and ranch families? This is why agriculturalists
need to increase agricultural literacy throughout our world.

 Americans need to know the truth about
agriculture and who better to inform them than us, agriculturist of America and
4H and FFA members. 155 people: that is how many people one farmer feeds every
day. That number will only increase in the future. Land is decreasing while
demand is increasing. We are the future. Agriculture is the only answer, but it
is also widely misunderstood. The future relies on the people with ag-related lifestyles
to stand up for a necessity t
hat is so commonly unacknowledged and educate people about the benefit
and need for agriculture.

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