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Agricultural Terms: Part I

Agriculture, the science or practice of farming, involves cultivating animals, plants, fungi, and other life forms for food, fiber, biofuel, and other products used to sustain life. Over the next few weeks, we’ll be defining agricultural terms from A to Z.  In this first installment, we’ll explore letters A–E.


On a basic level, agroforestry is defined as “trees on farms.” In actuality, agroforestryinvolves trees and shrubs being combined with crops and livestock to make for a moreproductive, healthy, and sustainable-use land system.

  Part I


Agricultural Buildings

From the barn to the farm, agricultural buildings constitute any structures associated with farming or agriculture. Buildings that provide housing for livestock, shelter for plants, or even a structure such as a dam are all considered agricultural buildings.

  Part I


A crop is defined as a plant that’s grown in significant quantities. Crops can range fromwheat to soybeans to cotton. In fact, a crop can be any plant that’s harvested as food, used for livestock fodder, or applied to any other economic purpose.

  Part I

Domesticated Plants and Animals

Domesticated plants are any plants that are cultivated or tamed for domestic use. Usually the purpose of this domestication is for food, raw materials, or healing. Domestication of animals is generally used for the same purpose. For instance, beekeeping yields honey, while pigs contribute heart valve replacements for humans.

  Part I


Agricultural Establishments

An agricultural establishment is defined as a “human establishment for the purpose of agriculture.” These establishments can include agricultural cooperatives, farms, orchards, and even wineries.

  Part I


In this post, we’ve covered everything from agroforestry to agricultural establishments. We hope you enjoyed our inaugural post of agricultural terms from A–E; stay tuned for letters F–L.


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