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Faces of Farming & Ranching
Winner Does Consumer Media Tour Decoding Confusing Food Terms

Katie Pratt, an Illinois
farmer recently named as one of the “Faces of Farming & Ranching” by the
U.S. Farmers & Ranchers Alliance (USFRA®), helped television viewers across
the country last week understand what food terms such as organic, local,
grass-fed, naturally-raised and sustainable really mean.

Joining Katie, was Celebrity Chef Danny Boome from the Food Network’s
show“Rescue Chef”. His program offers viewers creative solutions and a true
understanding of the basics necessary for success in the kitchen. Just in time
to help consumers cook their Valentine’s Day meals, the duo provided those
tuning in with more information about their food choices.


“I am excited to help
consumers demystify some of today’s confusing food terms,” said Pratt. “I hope
to show viewers that knowing more about how your food is grown and raised
–whether it’s organic, local, conventionally-raised, etc – can help you better
understand how to make healthy choices based on your own preferences.”

More than 25 television
stations participated in the consumer media tour including in Albany,
Philadelphia, Indianapolis, San Diego, St. Louis, and Atlanta.
Pratt and Boome will also be doing a series of radio interviews
on the USA Radio Network, It’s Your Health National Network, KTRS in St. Louis,
Mo., and WBNR/WLAA in Hudson Valley, N.Y.

Katie is one of four Faces of Farming &
Ranching winners chosen to represent agriculture to consumers, influencers and
mass media.
Chris Chinn (Mo.), Will
Gilmer (Ala.), Katie Pratt (Ill.), and Bo Stone (N.C.),
were selected to
act as national spokespeople, to share stories and experiences on
a national stage to help answer consumers’ questions about how food is grown
and raised to feed our nation.

Katie and her husband Andy, who is a seventh generation farmer,
raise corn, soybeans and seed corn. Welcoming tour groups to their farm is a
family tradition starting back in the early 1970s when Andy’s grandfather
hosted students from Chicago-area schools on his dairy farm. They currently
farm in partnership with Andy’s family and have two children.

USFRA needs more farmers and ranchers to become
active in telling their stories of continuous improvement to consumers and
dispelling inaccurate information through the

F.A.R.M. (Farmer and Rancher Mobilization) Team Rapid

program. To learn more, go to