Busy spring for Farmers for the Future

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    On and off the farm, spring's an insanely busy time of year for young and beginning farmers. Check out a few snapshots of what a few Farmersforthefuture.com members are up to these busy spring day (photo by FFF member Benjamin)

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    Remember the 'Crop Dog?' Here's Kari and Terry Hollman's Border Collie Breeze again, ready for another spring of work, here "waiting patiently to go plowing," Kari says.

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    It's not all crop work on the Hollman farm near Isle, Minnesota. Calving is always a busy time at their farm. Here's one of the family's black baldy heifer calves right after birth. Young and beginning farmers like Hollmans can typically leverage livestock as a way to get established in agriculture.

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    Now that spring's arrived, FFF member Michael is letting his "happy cattle" out to pasture. His area of northern Kansas and southern Nebraska has been slammed by drought in the last 2 years, so he's trying rotational grazing to get more out of his pasture.

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    Looking for a good way to keep the young kids busy this spring? Scott Edward Dudek has the perfect job on his Richmond, Michigan, farm. "My girl helping to hand shell seed corn," he says describing this photo.

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    Here's another tough job that's pretty common this time of year: Ben Jones has had his hands full so far this spring building fence on his family's Milford, Iowa, farm.

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    But, it's certainly not all work and no reward! This is just "part of one day's take of tomatoes for Dianne Marie Klinski on her Caledonia, Minnesota, farm.

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    While there's a lot going on out on the land, a young farmer's job often extends well beyond his or her fields. FFF member Bobby Field of Liberty, Illinois, here joins fellow ag leaders in a visit with U.S. Senator Dick Durbin.

The spring rush hits for young and beginning farmers.

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