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On this day in agriculture history | April 1

What has happened in agriculture on April 1 over the years? Here are a few notable events.

19 years ago

Of the top 17 corn growing states, 12 reported severe drought conditions at the start of April 2003. Dry conditions were widespread across the western United States.

20 years ago

A very sharp temperature gradient across the state of Iowa resulted in snow and a high temperature of 30°F. near Waukon. The same afternoon, in the opposite corner of the state, temperatures peaked at 77°F.

46 years ago

Apple Computer was founded by Steve Wozniak and Steve Jobs in a Cupertino, California, garage. Today, the company’s devices are found in farmers’ offices, tractors, and pockets and are an important tool for data management and communication.

130 years ago

Strong winds in Iowa caused widespread damage across the southern and western parts of the state. Peak speeds measured at Weather Bureau stations included 60 mph at Davenport and Sioux City and 64 mph at Des Moines. In Clinton a new factory ‘had its roof taken off and dashed to the ground in a splintered condition.’ Near Keosauqua it was reported that ‘a high gale blew down fences, stacks, chimneys, etc., and did some damage to light buildings.’ An observer in Greenfield noted that ‘many chimneys were blown down by the high wind. At the courthouse slates were blown from the roof. Many sheds and a few barns were destroyed.’ People in the Corning and Murray areas also noted considerable damage to buildings and trees.

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