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Sponsored: The Story Behind Beck's Practical Farm Research

Farming isn’t just about planting seed or raising a crop. It’s about measuring what you do, learning from your experience, and then doing something different to improve your operation. That’s why Beck’s invests heavily into our Practical Farm Research (PFR)® program. A program that goes beyond the seed and focuses on the industry’s latest farming technologies and management practices. 

Because it’s difficult for farmers to evaluate all the options, PFR delivers replicated data from over 100 studies at six research locations across the Midwest. If a product performs well, we publish it. If it doesn’t perform well, then we still publish it. The results speak for themselves and the goal remains the same — to help farmers succeed.

Join Beck’s PFR team as they take you behind the story of our farmer-focused research program.

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Practical Farm Research (PFR)® is a registered trademark of Beck's Superior Hybrids, Inc. 

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