Farm Beautiful Winners

  • Three Lucky Winners

    Three Lucky Winners
    Today we are excited to announce the winners of our Farm Beautiful Contest! Congratulations to Dennis Lichtenberg, Wayne and Laura Dahl, and Dave and Nikki Heying. Each winner will receive a brand new Exmark zero-turn lawn mower.

  • Lichtenberg Heritage Lane Farm

    Lichtenberg Heritage Lane Farm
    Our first winner is Dennis Lichtenberg from Clintonville, Wisconsin. As you can see on the sign at the left, the name of the farm is Lichtenberg’s Heritage Lane Farm. Dennis’s grandparents and his father moved to the farm in 1906. All of the buildings on the farm remain the same as they did in 1906 with some improvements.

  • Family Farm

    Family Farm
    Dennis’s father grew up on the dairy farm and purchased it from his father during the Great Depression. In 1974, Dennis’s father retired and Dennis took over the farm. Dennis’s parents continued to live on the farm and helped maintain the buildings, lawns, and numerous gardens until their deaths.

  • Glorious Gardens

    Glorious Gardens
    Dennis’s mother was a part-time teacher, homemaker, and belonged to local and state gardening clubs. Many of the beautiful gardens she established remain on the farm. Nine acres of the farm are in the conservation reserve program and are planted with wild flowers, grasses, and Texas sunflowers.

  • Farming Operation

    Farming Operation
    Over the years the Lichtenberg’s have raised a variety of crops, including field corn and soybeans. The original hog house and barn are used to store farm machinery and antiques. The wood shed has been turned into a garden shed. The Lichtenberg’s have two miniature horses named Foxy and Little Star, five cats, and 15 chickens.

  • Country Charm

    Country Charm
    In 2012, Dennis hosted his classmates at his 50th class reunion. “There have been many happy occasions at the farm, but the best of all is the wonderful memories," he says. "The farm is a unique place to live, and we are proud to show everyone who visits the charm of living here.”

  • The Dahl's

    The Dahl’s
    Our next winners, Wayne and Laura Dahl, were newlyweds when they bought their farm in 1977. In 1978, the couple started a family and eventually had five children: Tanya, Tera, Terese, Jarrett, and Jordan. The two boys are professional chainsaw artists and made the bears and bench you see at the left.

  • Expansion

    The Dahl’s have expanded the farm by retrofitting old buildings and building new. In 1979, the couple built a 10,000-bushel steel corn storage bin and retrofitted a 1950’s 4,400-bushel bin into a continuous flow drying system. In 2003, they built two curtain-sided 2,200-head hog finishing barns and four years later built a 4,400-head pig nursery adjacent to the barns.

  • Heritage Wall

    Heritage Wall
    One of the Dahl’s favorite places to show visitors is the north side of the threshing shed (shown at the left), which they call the “heritage wall.” This wall is adorned with historical, family keepsakes such as Laura’s grandparents’ bedroom door and living room window, Grandma’s egg baskets and milk cans, and other memorable items.

  • Country Pride

    Country Pride
    In her entry, Laura Dahl wrote, “We are very appreciate of our farm and our way of life. We have tried to utilize every inch of it!” The pride the Dahl’s have in their farm shows from the beautiful buildings to the landscaping you see at the left.

  • The Heying Farm

    The Heying Farm
    The last lucky winners to receive an Exmark mower are Dave and Nikki Heying from Granville, Iowa. Dave was the youngest of eight children who were raised on the farm. In 1994, following the unexpected passing of his father, Dave and Nikki moved back to the farm to continue the operation. The new home you see pictured was built in 2005.

  • Helping Hands

    Helping Hands
    The landscaping surrounding the Heying’s house includes globe blue spruce, daylilies, hostas, perennial flowers, and vines. The Heying’s four kids, Brady, Meghan, Kennedy, and Lauren, lend a helping hand to maintain the beautiful acreage.

  • Adding Beauty

    Adding Beauty
    The path on the left leads you to the Heying’s heated shop. After building their new house, the Heying’s transplanted additional blue spruce evergreens around the house.

  • Family Tradition

    Family Tradition
    In addition to farming 400 acres of corn and soybeans, the Heying’s are the third generation of the family to work with Pioneer Seed. Dave wrote, “It gives me great pride to live on the same acreage my entire life. We love country living and making new memories at home on the farm.”

  • More to Come

    More to Come!
    Look for more photos and stories of the winners on and in the pages of Successful Farming magazine. We’d also like to say a special thank you to everyone who entered the contest. We enjoyed the beautiful photos and heart-warming stories.

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