14 Animal Odd Couples

  • Are You My Mom?

    "My poor duck doesn't know where he belongs. He thinks my oldest goats are his moms, and the pigs are his breeding mates." -- Mary G.

  • Just Two Dogs Hanging Out

    "These are sisters; both raised as/with dogs, and that's what they think they are." -- Brittany D.

  • Piggyback Ride

    Jackie T. says this goat would rather be with (or on) the cows.

  • Puppy Love

    "This dog hated the chickens and would eat them and the eggs, but he loved my duck." -- Katie B.

  • Animals Adopting Animals

    "My very lonely mare took in a stray cat. He sleeps in her shed with her, and follows along while she grazes or goes down the road on rides. He also tried to follow her into the trailer." -- Mollie R.

  • One of the Cows

    "Our Kunekune boar, Wilfred, loves to talk 'dirty' to the cows!" -- Elizabeth H.

  • Best Friends

    Alicia G. says this cat and duck were the best of friends.

  • Gelding Gang

    "The Katahdin ram hangs with the geldings 50 out of 52 weeks of the year, ignoring the ewes except for the two breeding weeks." -- Lisa G.

  • Nanny ... Goat?

    "This is Nanny the chicken, who thinks she's a goat. She eats, sleeps, and hangs out with them and has no idea how to be a chicken." -- Jessy C.

  • Pen Pals

    Malorie R. says the boar escaped from his pen into the mustang's pen, and he stayed with his friend even though he could easily get out into the open.

  • Cuddling Godzilla

    "My dog, Paisley, thinks the rabbit, Godzilla, is her baby. She sleeps with him." -- Ranae B.

  • Then and Now

    This calf and pup are lifelong friends. Mary K. shared these photos of when they were babies and 4-year-olds.

  • Bull Bodyguard

    Katelyn G. says Larry the bull loved his duck, which would go into the pasture with him and sleep with him.

  • Color Coordinated

    Despite their differences, Coco and Annabelle look like they belong together, hanging out on Suzanne M.'s porch.

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Members of the Women in Ag Facebook group shared these fun photos of the animal odd couples on their farms.

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