Farm kids

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    Young and beginning farmers around the country grow a lot of crops, none more important than the next generation on the farm. Check out a few photos of the greatest crop on the farm from members of (FFF). Want to add your own shots to the mix? Join the group today!

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    Kimberlee Bell shares this picture of a couple of tractor drivers-in-training.

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    Member Andrew Akin gives a driving lesson to his young son in this shot.

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    But, for this young guy, farming can be tough work. Good thing there's a nice spot to lay down to catch up on his rest.

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    Young Sawyer's not just a cattle guy, though.

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    Lawrence Quimby's niece finds an uncommonly comfortable spot for a quick nap in the cattle barn.

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    FFF member tim shared this picture of another young tractor enthusiast.

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    Charles Peak says Minnie, in this photo, loves to ride her calf, Val. "More than her pony, Lilly," he says.

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    FFF member Matt Duncan's daughter Kylee can't wait to see her dad after a long day in the field. "As I pull in with the combine, she comes busting outside," he says.

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    Clinton Dean Lundell's brother Steven lends a hand moving bales on the family's Hilmar, California, farm.

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    Kari Hollman questions whether this qualifies as help. "We encourage throwing small children into the silage," she jokes.

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    These young farmers wonder "How wet we can get" on Richard Schmunk's Eaton, Colorado, farm.

See how the youngest members of farm families chip in!

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