6 Photos of Farm Kids

  • jansen

    Submitting photos of cute farm kids isn’t a requirement for our Farm Beautiful Contest. But we certainly enjoy seeing them anyway! The photo at the left is Andy Jansen’s first grandson Brody. “He may not be ready yet, but he thinks driving these tractors isn’t a problem,” says Andy. The Jansen’s collect and restore IH tractors, a tradition that may be passed on to one-year old Brody.

  • smith

    Gaylon and Carolyn Smith farm in Ripley, Tennessee. The couple has four children and all live on the farm. The adorable boy at the left is John Brantley with his grandpa Gaylon. The family says he loves cattle as much as they do.

  • smith2

    The Smith Cattle Farm is overflowing with farm kids. Here are two more grandsons taking a break from their cattle chores for a cute picture.

  • eric

    Eric and Eileen Madison farm in Paradise Valley, Idaho. The farming operation has diversified over the years from pasture grasses, cattle, timber, and grains to the current production of ornamental trees for landscaping. When Grandpa’s not busy on the farm, he enjoys entertaining the grandkids.

  • dpf

    Jesse and Amy have lived on Drove Pasture Farm in Coolspring, Pennsylvania, for 20 years raising their two sons, Rich and Joe. They farm corn, soybeans, wheat, and manage a cow-calf operation. 

  • hansen

    Patty Hansen and her family farm in Orangeville, Illinois. “A favorite attraction on the farm is our huge, friendly cow named Blosom,” says Patty. “Blosom is a story in her own right, recently featured in the local newspaper. She is the ambassador of the farm and the official welcoming committee.”

A collection of photos from the 2013 Farm Beautiful contest.

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