5 Tips to Avoid Accidents during Spring Planting

In the push to get their crops planted, it's a challenge for farmers to slow down and exercise
caution. Here are five simple steps you can
take this season to help prevent accidents:

  1. Always check your indicator lights before getting on the
      Be aware of inexperienced
    drivers, who may not understand tractors and equipment.  Watch for motorists trying to
    pass as you’re about to turn left. 
  2. Make sure Slow Moving Vehicle (SMV) signs are visible. 
    Ensure that all your equipment is safety compliant with your state’s specific
    agriculture road travel equipment safety requirements.  
  3. Avoid traveling down roads at sunset and sunrise. When the sun is
    in a driver’s eyes, they may be blinded and crash into you. 
  4. If you have kids on the farm, know where they are. 
    We’ve heard too many tragic stories about small children who unknowingly follow
    Dad to the tractor.  Enough said.
  5. Wear personal
    protective equipment (PPE) equipment around hazardous materials. 
    Remember that today's advanced seed treatments
    contain insecticide. Include seed treatment awareness in your safety briefing for yourself and
    employees. Even dust from moving seed can
    aerosolize and can be inhaled; please wear an approved safety
    breathing apparatus. Safety equipment required for handling the substance
    is generally listed on the MSDS sheets.  

    It’s a good idea to have the sheets available for employees, too.  If
    someone does face exposure, emergency crews will need the MSDS sheets to help
    treat the patient.  When handling any substance, remember to protect your
    eyes, skin, lungs and mouth.   

  6. Develop a safety plan for your farm – and follow it. 
    Bad things can happen during peak seasons because: we sleep less, cut
    corners, drive faster and generally work faster.  Keep your cell
    phone charged, and keep it within reach at all times.

Remember to also be aware – and obey – signals your body
is sending
!  Be safe this
spring and always!


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