9 summer safety tips for farm kids

  • Grain bins aren't play areas

    Don't play on or around grain. Seek help if someone is caught in grain.

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  • Take care around chemicals

    Don't drink and eat anything if you don't know what it is. Follow warnings on chemical containers.

  • No seat, no rider

    Unless the vehicle was made to safely hold more than one person, don't ask to ride, and don't encourage others to ride.

  • Protect yourself

    Wear sunscreen and hats when in the sun. Wear dust masks when around dust.

  • Take care around animals

    Stay outside the animal fence. Be alert to animal behavior.

  • Follow mowing safety rules

    Mow up and down slopes with riding mowers and across when using a push mower. Never leave a running mower unattended. No extra riders on lawn mowers.

  • Be aware of machinery dangers

    Walk around moving machine parts, and don't remove shields.

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  • Ride safely

    Wear a seat belt when in vehicles. Don't ride in the back of pickups. Obey traffic laws when driving. Be alert to slow moving vehicles and other dangers.

  • Be careful on ATVs

    Wear protective equipment when on recreational vehicles. Ride vehicles that are appropriate for your size and ability and most importantly, drive them sensibly.

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With school out for the summer and kids at home, it's a good idea to give them a refresher course on farm safety. Farm Safety 4 Just Kids (FS4JK) offers these tips.

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