A new approach to farm safety

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    Recently, Kalona, Iowa, farmer Phil Winborn decided to take a more systematic approach to safety. Encouraged by his son Andy, he scheduled a Certified Safe Farm (CSF) review of his operation. CSF is a voluntary agricultural health, safety and wellness program developed in 1996.

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    The Winborn family (clockwise from left) includes Megan, Lauren, Scott, Andy and Phil.

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    One component of CSF is an on-farm review to identify and remove hazards, and to provide personalized safety tips. To date, over 600 farms have participated. Learn how you can apply by May 31 for a free review, and a $2,500 grant to make repairs or upgrade equipment on your operation. CSF is not related to any regulatory agency.

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    LaMar Grafft, Iowa Center for Agricultural Safety and Health specialist, and a former farmer, conducted the Winborns’ CSF review. He spent about 2.5 hours at their farm.

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    Grafft tagged 3 items in need of repair or replacement, including this mower.

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    The Winborns recently replaced the fuel barrels on the farm with these double-lined tanks.

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    Graff recommended child-proofing the grain bin ladders by using a 4-ft. plywood block at the base of the ladders.

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    Operation FarmSafe offers you an opportunity to receive a free Certified Safe Farm (CSF) review, as well as a $2,500 grant to make improvements indicated by the review. Your CSF score is confidential; there’s no regulatory agency involved. Thanks to Nationwide Agribusiness Insurance for providing funds for the CSF review and four grants. To receive a free review and a grant to make needed safety improvements, apply by May 31.

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    Four farmers will be selected and notified in early June. Participants agree to set up an appointment with a CSF consultant to conduct a review in late July or early August. Following the review, they will schedule repairs and other work to be completed prior to harvest. Send entries to:

    Operation FarmSafe
    Successful Farming Magazine
    1716 Locust Street/LS257
    Des Moines, IA 50309-3023

Learn about a new program to help farmers bolster safety on their operations.

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