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Father’s Day gifts for farmers

  • Don’t forget

    Don’t forget, Father’s Day is Sunday, June 17!

    Looking for a special gift for Dad this Father’s Day? Click through the slideshow for some great gift giving ideas.

  • Blackfire Clamplight

    Blackfire Clamplight

    The Clamplight is a clip on flashlight that lets you shed light where you need it – hands free. Light uses 3AAA batteries with IC chip for consistent light output. MSRP: $29.99. 

  • Easy Puller

    Easy Puller

    The Easy Puller combines locking pliers with a sliding two lb. hammer to remove everything from cotter pins to bolts to nails with ease. Comes in a protective carrying case. MSRP: $39.95. 

  • Stor-A-Hitch


    Stor-A-Hitch is a lightweight, inexpensive solution for storing your two-inch hitch ball mount. Multiple pin locations to hold most Class 3, 4 & 5 hitch ball mounts with varying shank length. MSRP: $15.95. 

  • UltraView Lever Action Grease Gun

    UltraView Lever Action Grease Gun

    With a variable stroke feature built-in for use in confined areas, the Lever Action Grease Gun delivers 1.5 oz. per 40 strokes and develops 8,000 PSI. Clear tubes sold separately in seven colors, which coordinate with pieces of equipment to ensure proper grease used on correct equipment. MSRP: Around $40.

  • Armor Series for iPhone 4/4S

    Armor Series for iPhone 4/4S

    The Armor Series iPhone 4/4S case, from Otterbox, is drop proof, dust proof, crush proof and waterproof. Features a thermoplastic shell and offers a precise fit within .003. Stainless steel latch keeps device secure. 

    Even though it’s not available until June 24, you can still surprise Dad by having it shipped as soon as it’s available.

  • DualSaw Destroyer CS650

    DualSaw Destroyer CS650 

    With bigger blades and an extra 600 watts of punch, the CS650 gives you more power and cutting depth. Twin-blade technology gives a smooth cut without splintering and breaking, less kickback, friction, sparks, vibration, and bite than a traditional circular saw. MSRP: $199.99

  • Quick Vise

    Quick Vise

    This Vise features a quick clamping and release system and a heavy-duty 30,000 PSI casting for strength and durability. It also features a 360˚ swivel base with double lockdown for quick and easy positioning. MSRP: $200.

  • Simmons Tool & Tackle Carts

    Simmons Tool & Tackle Carts

    Whether Dad is transporting tools, tackle or hunting gear, the Simmons Tool & Tackle Cart, which is made of industrial aluminum, is sure to handle a number of heavy loads. MSRP: $299.


  • iTunes Gift Card

    iTunes Gift Card

    Does your dad use a smartphone? An iTunes gift card could be an ideal gift, as mobile apps are gaining popularity with farmers, with offerings ranging from a planting calculator to an aphid scout guide to soil survey data and more, there's definitely something that would help his farm business.

  • Bass Pro Shops Folding Padded Hammock

    Bass Pro Shops Folding Padded Hammock

    This handy, portable hammock is perfect for taking fishing or camping, or just snoozing in the backyard. It comes with a carrying bag, pillow, and storage rack underneath the hammock for holding books and magazines. MSRP: $79.97.

  • Custom photo books

    Custom photo books 

    Shutterfly makes it easy to upload photos and create books. Soft-cover 5x7" books start at $11.04, hard-cover 12x12" books start at $27.50, with several sizes in between. Have fun with different themes, like a favorite vacation, fishing and hunting highlights, or photos of Dad as a kid next to snapshots of his own children. Prices vary.

  • Stylin' new boots

    Tony Lama boots 

    Dad will love a new pair of Tony Lama boots! Whether for work or play, you'll find a style that suits him perfectly. These boots (style 7924, in "peanut antique") feature dual pull tabs, a leather upper and shaft with stitched detailing, cushioned orthotic insole, and leather outsole. They are made in the USA. MSRP: $179.

  • LED work gloves

    LED work gloves 

    These ingenious gloves have a built-in flashlight so Dad can see what he's working on without holding a flashlight in his teeth. Each glove has one LED light and four attachment points, for adjustable lighting. The gloves have a reinforced foam padded palm, air flow panels, micro-textured grip, perspiration pad, double-layered synthetic thumb, and star stretch fabric. MSRP: $14.99.

Here are 9 gift ideas for your farmer father.

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