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FarmHer: Are You Courageous?

Surround yourself with people who inspire you and take your first step.

Sometimes I have a hard time being courageous. I doubt myself or my ability to do something. I let the fear and worry creep in. 

Despite these misgivings, I have learned through my 38 years that courage builds more courage. Putting one foot out there, even when you don’t think you can, almost always leads to taking the next step.

At our recent series of Grow events for young women, we spent the day sharing stories of courage, discovery, and inspiration with hundreds of young women across the Midwest. 

One of the best things to come from the day was the push to “find your people.” Find the tribe that makes you feel courageous and then you can move mountains. 

My husband is courageous. He runs at this world and meets it head on. Being a part of his life has shown me that I can be courageous, too. 

My friends, FarmHers, and the team around me build my courage daily. 

Recently, I found myself in a situation in which I doubted myself. I could never have made it through without the other courageous people around me. I hiked down (and up) the steepest trail I have ever attempted, and at the end was the most beautiful waterfall I had ever seen. It took my breath away and reminded me how alive I am. It reminded me that there is a bigger plan out there and I’m not actually in control of any of it. 

I was proud of the courage I had that day, and I gained a little more confidence in my abilities. 

Surround yourself with courageous people, take those first small steps, and you just might start to soar.  

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