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Make Farm Safety a Priority This Spring

During the spring planting season, farmers often rush to get into the fields, where they work extremely long hours.

“When you spend a lot of time working, you become fatigued; when you are fatigued, you make poor decisions about your safety,” says Charles Schwab, a safety specialist with Iowa State University Extension. “If you are working long hours, you need to take breaks so you can reenergize.”

To limit injuries and to avoid risk, he suggests developing family rules appropriate to the age and stage of each family member, involving youth in farm safety projects, inspecting the farm for obvious hazards, and teaching youth proper safety skills.

Being aware of hazards and risks is very important, and stressing safety at all times can help prevent injuries and death.

“The agriculture industry is the most dangerous industry in the U.S.,” Schwab says. “Make sure you take the right steps to avoid disaster.”

Browse a series of free Safe Farm PDFs from Iowa State University Extension at

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