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National Rural Health Day Honors Service Providers

November 15 is National Rural Health Day. Created by the National Organization of State Offices of rural Health (NOSORH) in 2010, and supported by the Federal Office of Rural Health Policy (FORHP), this day aims to applaud efforts in rural communities to address the challenges of accessing and delivering health care services.

According to NOSORH, only 9% of all physicians, 10% of psychologists and psychiatrists, and 12% of all pharmacists practice in rural communities, and there are only half as many specialists and dentists per 100,000 residents in rural areas compared with urban areas. Rural residents are less likely to be insured and spend more on out-of-pocket healthcare costs than their urban counterparts, despite the fact that a greater percentage of rural residents are living in poverty than those in urban settings.

This week, FORHP is hosting several free webinars and Twitter chats on topics including hospital improvement, telemedicine, rural emergency medical services, and the opioid epidemic. A virtual job fair for rural health facilities will also be held on November 28. Find links to these online events here.

Here are some additional online resources concerning rural healthcare:

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