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Online Continuing Education Gives Rural Nurses Ag-Specific Training

Webinars can be viewed live or on the nurse's own time.

Once a nurse graduates from nursing school, his or her education is far from over. Nurses are required to take continuing education courses in order to renew their licenses.

AgriSafe, a nonprofit organization of that provides agricultural occupational health services, has a way for nurses to fulfill 18 hours of continuing education while learning more about the health risks faced by their rural patients. “We don’t learn about ag-specific issues in nursing school,” says Charlotte Halverson, BSN, COHN-S, AgriSafe clinical director. “Our Nurse Scholar program helps nurses learn to prevent, identify, and assess health issues related to agricultural work.”

Classes are in the form of webinars that can be viewed live or on the nurse’s own time. The cost is $900, or $50 per credit hour. Nurses working for nonprofit organizations, rural health clinics, federally qualified health centers, government agencies or educational institutions receive 50% off. Twenty stipends will be awarded to nurses working in rural areas. 

The next round of classes runs from September 4 to December 20, 2019, and offers live interaction with instructors. Topics will include zoonotic diseases, hearing conservation, respiratory heath, ergonomics, skin disorders, behavioral health, women’s health, and more.

Learn more about the AgriSafe Nurse Scholar program and register for the course at

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