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Prevent a Tree Stand Accident

When you think about hunting accidents, firearm injuries probably come immediately to mind. According to the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources, however, tree stand accidents are actually the leading cause of injury to hunters every season.

Here are some tips for avoiding a tree stand accident:

  • Always use a full-body safety harness when hunting from a tree stand, as well as when climbing.
  • A safety strap should be attached to the tree to prevent falling more than 12 inches.
  • Inspect the safety harness for signs of wear and tear or damage before each use.
  • Make sure a helper is present when installing a hanging or ladder tree stand.
  • Always inspect trees to make sure they are healthy with no dead branches or trunks before climbing or installing stands.
  • Use the three-point method of contact. Two feet and one hand or two hands and one foot should always be in contact with steps.
  • Remember that rain, frost, ice, or snow can cause steps to become extremely slippery.
  • Always use a haul line to raise or lower gear and to unloaded firearms or bows to your stand. Do not carry items while climbing.
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