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Remind Teenagers of Rural Road Dangers

As teenagers prepare to head back to school, some will be driving for the first time. Take a moment to remind them – and yourself – about the dangers of driving on rural roads.

According to Farm Safety For Just Kids (FS4JK), now part of the Progressive Agriculture Foundation, death from an accident is 2.5 times more likely to occur in rural areas than urban ones. Large, slow-moving machinery; loose gravel and soft shoulders; and wildlife such as deer all play a part in the increased risk.

The danger only increases when school isn’t in session. On the weekends, according to FS4JK, a U.S. teenager dies in a traffic accident every hour. The group offers the following guidelines.

  • Always wear seat belts and insist that passengers do, as well.
  • Drive cautiously and within the speed limit.
  • Be patient when driving behind a large or slow-moving vehicle; be aware you may not be able to see oncoming traffic.
  • Pass only when the road is clear.
  • Ride with your children and continue to teach them even after they have a driver’s license.
  • Never let people ride in the bed of a pickup.
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