It's Spring on Farmers For the Future!

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    It's finally spring! Members are getting ready for planting season and the excitement that comes with the season. Farmers For the Future member, Nick, shared this photo of his John Deere Air Seeder.

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    Rod Tangeman of Tangeman Farms shared this photo of his 8030 planting corn.

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    Spring also leads to plenty of newborn baby farm animals like these ducklings! USMCFarmGirl shared this adorable photo.

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    Ah, lambing season somehow the stress of lambing season goes away when you see all the newborn lambs jump around playing for the first time. Member, David Schruk shares this photo.

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    Michael Lewis shares this photo of his John Deere 1716 getting ready for planting season.

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    Michael shares this photo of his new Case IH planter after driving down a dusty road. It's all part of the fun, right?

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    A relieving sprout, shared by Kari Hollman, is a sure-sign that planting season was a success.

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    Nick Spurgeon shares a photo of his first John Deere 4830 sprayer as an independent custom applicator. Well done, Nick!

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    An unfortunate moment when the ground is a little too soft, well VERY soft in this case. Nick Spurgeon also shares this photo from a couple years ago of these Ro-Gators when he worked for a local retailer.

Spring is finally here! Check out these photos that members are sharing.

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