Kids on the Farm

  • Next Generation of Cattle Farmers

    Julie White of Missouri shares this photo of her dad and son having fun while doing chores., “This cow is one of my son's favorites; we call her Cowpony,” White explains. “She was born and raised on our farm. My son will be the 5th generation to own and operate our cattle farm.”

  • A Future Farmer

    Kenneth Clatt raises cattle and grain on his farm. His son, Danny, is easing into the operation as Kenneth nears retirement. Next in line is Danny's son, one-year-old Guy David, who is shown here surveying his heritage.  Family pet, Bruce, stands guard over his young charge.

  • Sunny Days on the Farm

    What kid doesn’t enjoy a beautiful summer day on the farm? 

  • The Next Generation of Farming

    “The next generation of farming,” shot by Christine McGough of Fairport, New York.

  • Passing on Lessons

    This farming duo shows us what it’s like to pass the lessons of agriculture onto the next generation.

  • Bales of Fun

    Darren Wencl from Minnesota shares, “Our son is the 5th generation to live on our farm, and he LOVES every minute of it! He is always climbing. He can usually be found on top of the bales, in a tractor, or hanging out with the animals.”

  • Farm Girls

    Alicia Wagner of Freeport, Illinois, captured her girls watching their dad bale hay. 

  • Chickens

    “Why would they even want to cross the road?” jokes Samuel Pearce. 

  • Outside Fun

    “My 1-year-old son likes to spend time outside with the chickens,” shares Chris Sailer from Ackley, Iowa. 

  • The Future of Farming

    Three fifth generation farm kids look over their family’s century farm near Ardmore, Tennessee.

These photos capture what it’s like being a farm kid.

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