Life in Ag Photography Series: Part 2

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    Holding it Together

    A farmer finishes securing his chains as he prepares to take his tractor on an antique tractor ride through western Iowa.

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    Preparing for Takeoff

    An aerial sprayer piloted by Micahel Thompson of Garwood, Texas, is fueled up by Crop Production Services custom applicator Kenny Ekstrom before takeoff from the Sac City, Iowa airport.

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    A Dusty Harvest

    The combine churns up a cloud of dust as David Birchmier makes one final pass on his soybean field near Maxwell, Iowa.

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    Fix it, Dad

    A father fixes his son’s pant leg on a cold, blustery day at an auction in Carman, Illinois.

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    We Got One

    Jim Sullivan of Sullivan Auctioneers wrangles a final sale over the phone at an auction in Carman, Illinois.

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    A Lifetime of Lessons

    A father passes along life lessons to his young son as they finish up a day of farming in northwest Iowa.

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    Ready for Chores

    The adorable Rock (right) and Scarlett Yuskis (now ages 3 and 4, respectively), children of Brock and Ciara Yuskis from Warsaw, Illinois, prepare their tractor for “chores” on a busy day.

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    Pint-Size Cattle

    The Tlach family of central Iowa owns a small herd of Miniature Hereford heifers in addition to their other herd of cross-bred cattle. These animals are naturally docile, usually weigh between 700 and 1,000 pounds, and typically stand less than 50 inches tall. The Miniature Hereford is a great starter calf for youngsters to show. 

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    The Iron River

    Last fall, I followed a company of antique tractors on a daylong ride over the various roads that connect the bridges of Madison Country, Iowa. One of the first stops was at Clark Tower in Winterset. All the riders paused for a short break to enjoy the scenery before heading out for a long and exciting day. 

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A collection of Life in Ag photography appearing in Successful Farming magazine.

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