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Listen, Laugh, Learn With Ag Pocasts

The right podcast can not only entertain, but also teach you something about ag.

I was late to the podcast party and only became hooked about a year ago. Now, I’m always listening to something – whether I’m doing the dishes, exercising, or driving. I actually look forward to doing these things now! 

My favorite podcasts include The Satellite Sisters, women who discuss life and entertainment; Judge John Hodgman, a comedian and fake internet judge; One Bad Mother, real-life genius moments and fails from other moms; and A Slob Comes Clean, which inspires me while cleaning house. I also enjoy true-crime and mystery podcasts like Serial, Someone Knows Something, and S-Town.

Until now, I’ve only listened for entertainment, but there is a whole world of informative and educational podcasts out there, including many that focus on agriculture.

The Successful Farming Podcast, hosted by Executive Multimedia Producer Jason Meeker, pictured above, features interviews with experts and leaders in the ag industry, as well as everyday farmers doing interesting things. Meeker often talks with people who have been featured in the magazine, so it’s a great way to hear more of their stories.

I polled my fellow Successful Farming magazine editors about their favorite ag-related podcasts. Here are a few of their suggestions. (Subscribe on your favorite podcast app.)

  • Girls Talk Ag is hosted by grain trader and market analyst Angie Setzer, farmer and ag advocate Jen Campbell, and agronomist and business owner Karen Corrigan. They discuss the latest agricultural headlines and share their most embarrassing farm mom moments. “I’m not even their target audience, and it’s hilarious,” Meeker says. “I learn something new every time I listen.”
  • Shark Farmer, hosted by fifth-generation farmer Rob Sharkey, takes a no-holds-barred approach, tackling controversial issues like GMOs and commodity groups. Sharkey also cohosts The Farmer & The City Girl with Lesley Kelly and other urban women, discussing agricultural issues and how they affect consumers.
  • Keeping it Real in Agriculture, hosted by Illinois farm mom and ag advocate Jenny Schweigert, shares the success, failure, and frustration experienced by people in many segments of agriculture.
  • In Rock & Roll Farming, British producer of cattle and crops Will Evans interviews all kinds of interesting farmers from around the UK.
  • Talking Biotech with Dr. Kevin Folta is a science-based discussion of biotechnology issues like genetic engineering, plant and animal domestication, breeding, and other genetic improvements. 
  • The FFA Podcast shares all the latest FFA and ag education news, and it also highlights projects from FFA chapters. 
  • The League of Nerds takes a light-hearted look into serious issues like GMOs, Monsanto, and fracking, aiming to “make the world a slightly more rational place.” Not all shows are ag-related, but they are interesting.
  • Wendell Schumm grew up on a dairy farm in Canada and went on to a career in the feed industry. He hosts Ontario AgCast, which encourages farmers to take action to ease consumer fears about how their food is grown.
  • Farm and Ranch Country is hosted by farmer and former executive director of the Illinois Farm Service Agency Bill Graff. He talks about his farm and the cycles in agriculture he has seen over his career. Graff also goes live via Periscope daily.
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