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Listen Now: Successful Farming’s Hometown Podcasts

Rural America is at a crossroads. The trends portend a shrinking population base and a changing demographic. To see what that means for specific towns, we asked Successful Farming magazine editors to return to their hometowns. What has changed since they left? Does their town still feel like home?

Join us as we tour towns in Iowa, Illinois, South Dakota, and Maryland on the Successful Farming Hometown USA podcast.

The podcast is available for download or streaming on your preferred podcast source – whether that’s iTunes, Google Play, Spotify, or others. Three of the episodes are available now and the final episode will be released soon. You can also listen to the episodes below. Enjoy!

Hometown USA - Langford, South Dakota

Where did you come from? How has it changed? Or are you the one who is different now? Determined to answer some tough questions, editor Gil Gullickson returns to his hometown in Langford, South Dakota. 

Hometown USA - Clarence, Iowa

The ’80s packed a punch to small towns around the Midwest. Editor Jodi Henke returns to her hometown in Clarence, Iowa, to see what bruises remain. 

Hometown USA - New Lenox, Illinois

Familiar people and places make a town feel like home. What happens when those things aren’t quite as you remembered them? Editorial Content Director, Dave Kurns, finds out when he visits the growing area of a suburb where he grew up: New Lenox, Illinois.

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