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Listen to Successful Farming Magazine

Readers of Successful Farming magazine can still enjoy the articles they’ve come to look forward to each month, even if their vision no longer allows them to read the magazine.

The National Federation of the Blind’s NFB-Newsline lets blind, visually impaired, or print-disabled subscribers in most states access audio versions of more than 400 breaking-news sources, newspapers, and magazines, including Successful Farming magazine, for free.

Readers can subscribe to this service by visiting or by calling 866/504-7300.

Subscribers can access the recordings via touch-tone telephone, mobile app, on-demand emails, a secure website, or a variety of portable players.

Even using the phone, users can create favorites lists; skip articles or sections; start, stop, skip, and reread articles; and alter the reading voice, volume, speed, or pitch.

Anyone who can’t read traditional newsprint can qualify for this free service, whether they are completely or partially blind, have trouble with reading comprehension, or aren’t able to turn pages while reading.

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