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4 flavorful fruit pie recipes

Is there a better dessert than pie? These mouth-watering recipes will ensure everybody cleans their plate!

Double cherry supreme pie

This scrumptious cherry pie will quickly become your go-to recipe for special occasions or an everyday surprise for your family. It uses both fresh or frozen tart cherries and dried cherries, which gives the finished product an amazing texture and a double dose of cherry goodness.

Apple, rhubarb, and raspberry pie with almond star crust

This festive pie is as beautiful as it is delicious. It's sweet, tangy, and tastes like summer. Of course, you can decorate the top with any shape you'd like, or turn the flaky almond crust into a lattice top. While you can use your own pie crust recipe or store-bought dough, our almond crust adds another layer of flavor to this pie.

Apple, rhubarb, and raspberry pie with almond star crust

Blue-ribbon gooseberry pie

If you aren't lucky enough to have gooseberry bushes growing on your property, you may be able to find some at a farmer's market. These tart little gems make the perfect summer pie, and this particular recipe was a contest-winner at the Iowa State Fair, so you know it's good!

gooseberry pie nl

Award-winning Dutch apple pie

Here's another winner from the Iowa State Fair, courtesy of the contestant's grandmother. With its signature crumbly top, this recipe is the perfect combination of pie and crisp. We like Granny Smith apples in this one, but you can use your favorite baking apple.

LCL Image: Award-winning Dutch apple pie

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