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7 reasons small towns are the most patriotic places

Rural areas wave the flag proudly all year, but the colors shine extra brightly around the Fourth of July. 

1. Rural America proudly protects the country

16% of the U.S. population is from rural America, yet 40% of the U.S. military is from those same rural communities.

2. They have a deep love of the flag

Rural residents will find any excuse to proudly display the flag. Wrapping up harvest is certainly one of them. 


3. Not kidding – you’ll find the flag everywhere

It’s not uncommon to spot a barn with the American flag painted across the side. 

Mural of American flag and eagle on large old barn

4. There are 46.2 million good neighbors

Need a cup of sugar? A helping hand? A jump for your pickup truck? Or some assistance wrangling cows back into a pasture? Your trusty neighbor will be there in a flash. What’s more American than that?


5. Apple pie

Baking isn’t a pastime or a hobby in rural America. It’s a patriotic tradition carried through to the next generation by empowering organizations like 4H.

LCL Image 24550

6. Pride-worthy parades

You won’t see floats nearly as elaborate as anything from the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade, but you will see a common theme from floats across the countryside – a plethora of red, white, and blue, an overload of flags, and more candy than your mom would ever let you consume. 

Cub Scout Pack 236 marching in a parade

7. A boom of fireworks

Firework displays in small towns are anything but small. It may take donations from local residents or teaming up with a neighboring town, but the show will go on and it will be spectacular.


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