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How to make an indigo chair seat

Indigo tie-dyeing produces imperfect, yet striking, results. We used the technique to add color and pattern to a chair seat. For this project, we used the Indigo Tie Dye Kit from To get the grid resist pattern on the chair fabric, we placed pieces of wood on top of the accordion- folded fabric, preventing the dye from penetrating those areas.


• Indigo Tie Dye Kit
• Basic dyeing supplies (rubber gloves, hot water, lidded container and paint stick)
• Natural-fiber fabric
• Two 23/4×31/2-inch pieces of wood
• Rubber bands
• Chair with upholstered seat
• Staple gun

indigo chair seat 1A

Gather materials.

Prepare dye and let mixture set according to manufacturer’s instructions.

Lay fabric flat.

indigo chair seat 2

Fold one fabric edge, using a piece of wood as a guide for width.

indigo chair seat 3

Accordion-fold fabric.

indigo chair seat 4

Place piece of wood on top and bottom of folds. Secure with rubber bands.

indigo chair seat 5

Soak fabric in water; squeeze to remove excess. Submerge fabric in dye mixture; remove.

indigo chair seat 6

Fabric will turn from green to blue as it oxidizes. Rinse fabric.

indigo chair seat 7

Remove bands and wood; unfold.

indigo chair seat 7

Wash, dry, and press fabric. Wrap fabric around chair seat and staple edges to back.

indigo chair seat 8

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