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Make Summer Memories at Home

You don't have to go anywhere to have a fun, fulfilling summer. Make the most of family time with a staycation.

Family vacations are wonderful, but a weeklong, out-of-state trip doesn’t always fit in the schedule or in the budget. Farmers are notorious for opting out of travel because they have so much responsibility at home.

Just because your family may be staying put this summer doesn’t mean you can't enjoy a getaway in your own backyard – a staycation. Summer really is about the simple pleasures, like swimming in the pond, swinging from the big oak tree, and enjoying dinner together on the patio.

Pinterest can be a wonderful app and website for gathering ideas for your family’s fantastic summer at home. Too much browsing, however, can lead to “Pinterest envy” or unrealistic expectations of creating the perfect experience.

Another thing Pinterest users need to watch out for is the source of the material. Sometimes a photo that looks like one thing links to an article about something completely different. Even worse, the information may be unreliable.

No-Fail Pins

That’s why I’ve gathered more than 50 pins geared specifically toward farm families trying to make the most of their summer. Visit

This board has been carefully curated with links to resources strictly from our website,, and those of our trusted sister magazines like Living the Country Life, Better Homes & Gardens, and Parents.

The Summer Staycation pinboard is divided into three sections: making home a destination, activities for families, and fun with food. Even if you are traveling this summer, you can use these ideas to make your time at home even better.

Summer Spaces

Your family will be spending a lot of time outside this summer, so make sure your space is welcoming and relaxing. Most of the projects and ideas in the Making Home a Destination section can be done by spending no or very little money using objects you already have.

For example, you can stack rocks or blocks to make a fire pit, pop a filter and pump into a stock tank to turn it into a mini swimming pool, and refashion wood pallets and cinder blocks into patio furniture. How much more fun would your summer be if you could make s’mores every night and beat the heat in your own pool?

Make Your Own Fun

Avoid the dreaded cry of, “I’m bored!” from the kids this summer by having an arsenal of ideas at your disposal. The Activities for Families section of the pinboard can help.

Create your own drive-in movie with a projector and sheet, construct a mini golf course from random items lying around, go fishing, or take up bird-watching and track all the species you spy this summer.

Rainy days won’t ruin your staycation with tips like introducing the kids to the Little House on the Prairie television show, starting a family book club, crafting together, and simply playing board games.

Summer-Friendly Fare

Whether it’s a frozen treat or a family meal, staycation food needs to be fun, easy, and a bit out of the ordinary. I’ve linked to tons of recipes that fit the bill perfectly.

Grilling and smoking food are perfect for summer because the heat is kept out of the kitchen. Find recipes for grilled pizza, meats, vegetables, and even desserts, plus plans for building your own smoker.

Cool down with recipes for no-churn ice cream, frozen desserts, no-bake pies, and more. You’ll also find classic picnic recipes and fun ideas like instructions for throwing a bayou shrimp boil.

However you spend the rest of your summer, be safe, have fun, and relish your time together!

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