On the farm: Summer '10 photos

  • Fairest of the Fair

    Danielle Hammer was crowned Fairest of the Fair at Wisconsin's Dodge County fair. "I wanted to become Fairest of the Fair to be a spokesperson for my community, and to encourage more kids to stay active within 4-H," she says.

  • Wheat harvest

    Craig Bolte, of Columbus, Indiana, shared this photo of his Case IH 1460 cutting doublecrop beans.

  • The Palouse

    Kyle Schultheis, of Colton, Washington, posted this photo of wheat harvest on the Palouse.

  • Ready to roll

    Rod Tangeman, of Seneca, Kansas, posted this photo of his trucks ready for harvest to begin. "We're just getting ready for corn harvest," he says. "We will be starting maybe by the end of the week."

  • Farming muck

    "We were trying to run drainage tile through about eight acres of muck," says Greg Seifert, of Columbia City, Indiana. "What was supposed to be a two-day job ended up taking a week."

  • Border Farms

    "This farmyard actually sits on Border Road, which Americans and Canadians share. It truly is the border road!" says Laura, of Sweetgrass, Montana.

  • Yearling calves

    Virginia Nancy Dove, of Appleton City, Missouri, posted this photo of her border collie, Rob. Though they had some trouble getting her to cooperate with the sheep, "she is always quiet with the cattle," she says.

  • Evaluating the lambs

    Cade Christensen shared this photo of himself sorting through lambs. "I have been involved in livestock judging for several years, and competed at the state conference this year," he says.

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