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    Around the farm there are the occasional, but unfortunate mishaps. This slideshow highlights some of those "oops!" moments from user-generated photos from Farmers for the Future.

    Photo by Jeremiah Jones

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    A combine fire is a major loss to a farmer. Equipment damage, property damage, and loss of productive field time can cost thousands. Fires can be caused by a number of factors, so it’s important to take the proper precautions before heading out to the field. Photo by Matt Folsom

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    Any day you get stuck is definitely a bad day. When you’re stuck a thought may go through your mind much like Joel's from Wolsey, SD, whose caption says, “Is there a bottom down there?” Photo by Joel

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    Winter is approaching and that means snow. If you have the desire to go tear through the winter tundra, a lawnmower may not be the best choice.

    Photo by Jason Thompson

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    Flat tires are never fun. Especially when it’s a combine tire…next to a ditch. Photo by Mr. Steve Gross

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    A sinkhole can vary in size depending on how much of the surface layer collapses from the hole in the ground. It’s always advisable to be careful around them, no matter where they form and how large they are. Photo by BJ Tiemessen

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    This self-propelled sprayer clearly had a mind of its own…

    Photo by Muhammad Umair

A collection of mishaps on the farm from members of Farmers for the Future

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