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Painting with goats

Painting and goats together? They pair better than you might think.

I must admit I didn’t know what to expect when I went to a painting party at The Painted Farmer.  I’d taken a quick look at their Facebook page but should have looked a little closer, so I’d have been prepared for the help I received on my art.

Arriving at the farm, we were greeted by a cow, sheep, alpacas, and of course, the goats. They waited by the fence, not so much in greeting but for the cups of feed they knew we’d each receive. The alpacas found the feed finger lickin’ good.

After feeding the animals we headed into the barn. Sitting at the door like a sentry was a chicken. Luckily, she let us pass and we found seats at the tables nestled amongst the straw. This is when I started getting an idea of what was to come. Once we were seated, the door opened and in came the parade of goats.  

We were painting Christmas door hangers, which are a requirement for your front door if you live in the South. While working on my truck’s bed, Benjamin, a baby goat, jumped on the table to give me a hoof. He was also available for goat snuggles; most of us held him at some point during the party.  

During the party goats jumped on the tables, napped underneath them, and climbed up and down the stairs. We could hear the pitter patter of their hooves overhead as they chowed down in the barn’s second floor. Our artwork got some added touched of goat hooves, cat paw prints, and hay. Two hours after we started, everyone had a one-of-a-kind door hanger.

The farm combines Sarah Ratley’s love of animals and art. Looking at her events page, she has lots of things coming up, including goat meditation, which I don’t think I’m ready to try. Spring is coming and my door will need a new hanger, so I’ll stick to painting with the goats.

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