#Plant15’s Furry Friends

  • Gus

    “Gus loves coming for tractor rides,” shares Bray Mullin. He just isn’t quite sure how to get into the cab.

    Click through this slideshow for more pictures of adorable farm dogs. Be warned: viewing may result in the uncontrollable desire to get a dog.

  • Case

    “My little tractor buddy for the day,” says Shane Selena. Selena’s copilot is named Case. We aren’t sure if it’s for Selena’s favorite brand of ag equipment or not, but either way that’s one cute puppy!

  • Guard dog

    Gauge even guards the equipment when Taylor needs a break!

  • Harvey

    “Working the ground with Harvey tonight,” shares Amanda Christy.

  • Boost

    “Boost decided to ride along this morning,” says Ryan Field. Boost better not get much bigger or he isn’t going to fit in the tractor cab.

  • Stuck

    Your Dad may give you a hard time when you get stuck but your dog never will. Another reason every farmer needs a four-legged friend! Thanks for sharing, Tyler.

Proof that every farmer needs a farm dog.

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