#Plant15’s Little Helpers

  • Farm kids

    They don’t have a CDL, so they can’t drive a semi loaded with a seed tender. They are clueless about how to open up a field. Why, their feet don’t even reach the clutch in the tractor! Young farm kids may not be the most productive helpers on the farm - that’s what they are training for - but they sure are the cutest. Click through this slideshow to see farm kids helping with the 2015 planting season.

  • High-five

    Here’s a high-five to this little guy for helping Dad get the corn planter ready. Thanks for sharing Sarah Bedgar Wilson (instagram.com/jswilsonfarm).

  • Ready to farm

    He’s got on a hat, boots, and mud on his jeans. He may be small but he looks like a farmer already! Thanks for sharing Lindsey Penn (instagram.com/picslphotography).

  • Two generations tackle planting

    The seventh and eighth generation of Jepson Farms (instagram.com/jepsonfarms) tackle #plant15.

  • Family affair

    Planting is a family affair on Jen Bergmann’s farm (instagram.com/jenbergmann). 

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The next generation of farmers takes notes from the buddy seat.

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