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6 of our favorite canning recipes

  • Raspberry-pear jam

    Raspberries and pears are a tasty combination! Turn them into a jam you can enjoy all year long.

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  • Nectarine-blueberry pie filling

    With a little work now, you'll be able to make pies in a snap anytime! This recipe makes 4 quarts, enough to make 4 pies.

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  • Canned vegetable soup

    What a wonderful way to preserve your favorite vegetables from your garden! Turn them into this tasty soup, and let it warm your belly and your soul this winter.

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  • Tomato-basil simmer sauce

    Use tomatoes from your garden to make this tasty sauce, perfect for serving over your favorite pasta!

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  • Pickled green tomatoes

    Don't let those end-of-season green tomatoes go to waste! Pickle and can them for a tasty treat!

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  • Chunky tomato salsa

    Wimpy chips won't do for this hearty salsa! Use peppers, tomatoes, onions, and herbs from your garden. Includes alternative recipes for pineapple, green, and hot chipotle salsas.

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Preserve your produce with these recipes!

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