Snow in the countryside

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    Minnesota is one of the coldest states in the entire nation. However, those cold winters give way to unmatched beauty. Chris Paul Wickeham Anderson shared this picture with the Women in Ag community on Facebook.


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    Farmers for the Future member, K2, shared this picture of the first snow of the season on his farm in Ohio.

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    This calf made itself comfortable in the snow last year. Most people do their calving, lambing, kidding, etc. in the spring, but many are already posting pictures of new fall babies. Photo courtesy of Kari Hollman, Farmers for the Future.

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    The first snow of the year settled well in Minnesota. This picture posted to Women in Ag's Facebook group from Chris Paul Wickeham Anderson features their yard during a sunset.


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    Horses are playful animals. They tend to perk up and be more ornery when the weather turns chilly. Kari Hollman's horses played with a jolly ball last winter. Photo was shared on Farmers for the Future.

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    Lisa Foust Prater's dog, Dave, laid by the window cozied up while checking out the first Iowa snow of the season outside. 

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Snow is showing up in all parts of the nation! Here are a few of the photos we've gotten this year.

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