The Farm Kids of Harvest 2016

  • Lunch in the Combine

    This little Iowa farm kid loves taking her lunchbox out to the combine to hang with dad. 

  • Waiting for His Turn

    Waving will do for now, but this future farmer from Nebraska will be driving the combine before we know it!

  • Harvest Love Starts Young

    The love for harvest starts early! And this little farm boy is fascinated with the Minnesota harvest. 

  • A Full Day of Work

    This sweet future farmer was worn out after a full day in the fields helping with harvest.

  • Swimming in Grain

    These two Nebraska farm kids plan on swimming in a pool of grain all winter until it gets warm enough to fill up with water again!

  • Starting Small

    This sweet future farmer is working his way up to the full-size model.

  • Waiting for a Ride

    The longest wait of all is waiting for dad to make it to the end of the row to pick you up!

  • Bringing in the Beans

    When it comes to harvesting beans, two are better than one—and overalls are always a good idea. 

  • A Harvest Superhero

    This little Kansas superhero doesn’t mind helping out the world’s superheroes during harvest. 

  • Quality Time With Dad

    This little gal went out to the fields for some quality time with her dad and to see the full-size version of her farm toy.

  • Truck Bed Dinner

    These farm kids know that the truck bed acts as the dinner table during harvest. After eating, they all love to spend time with their dad in the combine, tractor, or semi. 

  • Harvest Supervisor

    This little Illinois man is embracing his role as harvest supervisor this year.

  • Homework During Harvest

    Doing homework in the tractor still counts as helping! This Kansas kid is good company for his mother, the driver.

  • Golden Grain

    Everyone knows it's easy to be entranced by golden grain.

There are plenty of little helpers around for #harvest16, and they're doing big things! Check out all the ways these future farmers are embracing harvest.

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