Top 10 Farmer Photos from 2015

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    You may farm miles from a city and interact with very few people every day – talking to your cows doesn’t count – but that doesn’t mean you are disconnected. Thanks to social media you can share a breath-taking sunset or a newborn calf with your entire social network. And we love re-sharing these farmer photos on our Instagram page. Here are 10 of our favorites from the past year.

  • 1. Future farmers

    1. Future farmers

    Just three boys learning a way of life and waiting on a combine ride! This adorable picture was taken by Tuetken Farms.

  • 2. Stunning sunset

    2. Stunning sunset

    “What a night along the back roads of Iowa,” says Jamie Scott. And what a picture!

  • 3. Bird’s eye view

    3. Bird’s eye view
    Unmanned aerial systems (UAS) hold huge potential for agriculture. While that potential isn’t fully realized yet, farmers are still having a lot of fun taking aerial photos and videos with these expensive tools. Here’s a great shot of #harvest15 in Iowa. Props to Titan Immel and his UAS for the photo.

  • 4. Good ol’ days

    4. Good ol’ days
    While the drone aerial shot of a massive combine and grain cart shows how far technology has come, other images remind us of simpler times. Thanks to Justin Mensik, a fifth-generation farmer from Nebraska, for sharing this photo.

  • 5. Beautiful end to a long day

    5. Beautiful end to a long day
    Harvest can mean long days, longer nights, too many cold cut sandwiches, and way too much time away from family. But then you have a beautiful moment like this and it’s all worthwhile. Jake Michael captured this breath-taking sunset on his farm in west central Indiana.

  • 6. Striking skies

    6. Striking skies
    If you’re looking for an Instagram account to follow that has more cute calves than you can count, look no further than Erica’s page. She takes adorable pictures of her Jersey calves as well as photos with striking skies like this one.

  • 7. In the beginning…

    7. In the beginning…
    We love shots of 250-bushel cornfields and combines filled to the brim, but it’s important to remember how the process starts. In the beginning it’s just a corn plant that needs the right amount of sun, heat, water, nutrients, and, of course, some help from Mother Nature to survive. This photo was taken on Tyler Mudd’s farm in Missouri as a storm rolled in.

  • 8. Naughty or nice

    8. Naughty or nice
    Sweet and innocent or up to no good? We’d have to say this little guy is the latter. But he sure is a cute calf. Thanks to Char for sharing.

  • 9. A farmer’s best friend

    9. A farmer’s best friend
    Dogs are a man’s best friend, goes the old adage. But we’d have to argue that dogs are really a farmer’s best friend. A patient pal who is excited to see you at the end of a long day no matter how late you work. A chipper companion no matter how many hours you’ve spent in the combine together. This is Megan Young’s adorable puppy named Rocky, who is helping with cover crop seeding.

  • 10. Couldn’t ask for a better life!

    10. Couldn’t ask for a better life!
    Ethan Clarke, from southern Indiana, shared this photo in early June with the caption, “really couldn’t ask for a better life!” We couldn’t agree more, which is why we will keep sharing inspiring farming photos from across the country. Follow us at

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