Women in Agriculture

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Venison with blackberry sauce

This sweet and savory dish features venison tenderloins topped with a sauce made from blackberry preserves and honey.
Venison with blackberry sauce

Mom on many missions

Alisha Schwertner's reflections on the past inspire her to build a future for her sons.

Gifts from farm moms for farm moms

You’re sure to find a gift on this list sold by farm moms around the country that will delight the matriarch of your family.
White pottery mug with Farm Hard Live Well saying

About Women in Agriculture

Successful Farming’s Women in Ag section is designed to connect and further farm women in all dimensions of farm and family life. This section includes posts from our Women in Ag bloggers.

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Belt sander cart

Belt sander cart, Johnson The wet/dry vacuum that sits on the bottom shelf of this belt sander stand we built sucks up all sawdust and metal filings. The drawer on... read more