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5 Ways to Successfully Copreneur

  • If you’re in business with your life partner and can’t tell the difference between your bedroom and the boardroom, you’re probably a copreneur.

  • The word, coined in the
    1980s, refers to entrepreneurial
    couples who share ownership of, commitment to, and responsibility for a business, says Randy Weigel, University of Wyoming Extension specialist.

  • Technology is increasing the number of U.S. copreneurial businesses. Although there are benefits, Everett Moitoza, a business consultant and coach, cites five factors that will make or break a successful partnership between spouses.

  • 1. Clear boundaries and well differentiated roles; separating work time and workplace from home time and homeplace.

  • 2. Communication; the ability to disagree without hostility and contempt for one another.

  • 3. Power distribution; who knows what, when, and how; who makes what decisions in which areas and when.

  • 4. Skill complementarity; a good mix is right-brain dominant (people-centered, creative, relational) and left-brain dominant (skills in finance, analysis, research, and technology).

  • 5. Trust and respect for each other’s styles, differences, and values.

Farm couples were copreneurs before it was cool.

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