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A gift guide for your favorite on-the-go farm mom

Farmers wear a lot of hats, especially farming moms. They often spend many hours in their vehicle running to town, shuttling kids and other family around the farm, or perhaps commuting to an off-farm job. Here are some fun, and a few practical – gift ideas for this Mother’s Day.

1. Spotify subscription

Good tunes are essential for any extended period in a vehicle. Buy her a subscription to Spotify to keep her jamming all the way to her destination. If podcasts are more her style, Spotify offers those, too. Tell her to subscribe to the Successful Farming Podcast for all the latest industry news and information when you gift this to her.

Premium subscription options range from $4.99 to $15.99 a month and may accommodate up to 6 accounts. More information is available at

2. Key chain

Rural Uber keychain sold by Hungry Canyon
Photo credit: Hungry Canyon

Mom’s keys will be easier to keep track of with a unique keychain. Hungry Canyon sells a number of farm themed options in two fun styles. The woman behind the online retail store, Melissa Nelson, is a busy farm mom herself. Check out Hungry Canyon’s selection of keychains here.

3. Portable vacuum

A woman cleans her car with a Worx portable vacuum
Photo credit: Worx

Giving rides to kids, or anyone who spends time on the farm, isn’t a clean job. Who knows what gets tracked into her vehicle. A portable vacuum will make mud, manure, and other mystery debris disappear in a jiffy. You might score some bonus points if you use it to clean up your mess yourself.

The 20V cordless cube vacuum from Worx is a highly rated option. Including the battery, it weighs 3 lbs. and features a hose that extends up to 4 feet. A crevice tool and brush attachment are also included. The vacuum and battery can be purchased online for about $120.

4. Car freshie

Product layout image of Dirt Road Candle Co. car freshie options
Photo credit: Dirt Road Candle Co.

Kids, farmers, and farm dogs can also be stinky passengers. Keep her car smelling fresh with a fun air freshener. Farm-theme options are available from several small businesses if you’re looking to add an extra personal touch.

Dirt Road Candle Co., run by Iowa farmer Michelle Myers, offers a barn-shape car freshie for $8.95 on the website. After the scent has faded, you can purchase a refill kit at the same site.

5. Custom plates

Several states allow personalized vehicle license plates. Special plates displaying emblems such as “Cattlemen Care” are also available.

Visit your state Department of Transportation website to learn more about options available for your vehicle.

6. Phone holder

Ram Mount holding a phone to the windshield of a vehicle
Photo credit: Ram Mount

Help Mom keep her phone handy with a phone mount for hands-free calling and easy map viewing.

This option from Ram Mount promises to hold up for the long haul and can accommodate a variety of phone sizes. The double ball and socket design provides adjustment points that allow Mom to set her phone to the optimal viewing position. It is one of the company’s most popular mounts for cars and trucks.

7. Premium cooler

A woman pulls a blue YETI cooler behind her
Photo credit: YETI

If your family has a significant drive to get groceries, enjoys road trips, or eats a lot of meals in the field, your favorite farm mom is sure to appreciate a YETI cooler. The company offers a variety of sizes sure to fit her taste. Browse the YETI store here.

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