Bedtime with Christmas Trees

Every night we read a bedtime story to our sons and in December most of their stories have to do with Christmas. One of my favorites is Christmas Farm.

We received this book as the December Book of the Month, a program North Carolina Ag in the Classroom offers each year. Otherwise, I might never have found this treasure. 

The book tells the story of an elderly lady who decides to change up her traditional garden and decides to plant Christmas trees. She can’t do it alone, so she enlists her 5-year-old neighbor to help. As the story unfolds, we see them working together to care for the trees.  

Perhaps it’s because I have a 5-year-old son that I can see him reflected in the young child as I turn each page.  Maybe it’s the story of two generations working together, something I see when my sons work in the garden with their poppa. It could be that throughout the story, the young man works side-by-side with his neighbor and there is never a mention of any financial gain. He gets the satisfaction of watching the crop he helps tend and grow, assisting his neighbor and finally getting to pick his own Christmas tree.

Throughout the story we learn how much work it takes to grow a Christmas tree. They keep us updated on how many trees have survived insects, moose, deer, and weather. We see the work it takes to prune them to just the right shape. The time and effort to dig all the holes, plant each seedling, and care for them over the course of 10 years. And at the end, they don’t even sell all the trees.

Having visited a Christmas tree farm this year, the boys really related to this story. We talked about the farm we visited and compared it to the one in the story. At the farm they saw trees in many different sizes and ages growing on land that was suited for growing other crops. After reading the story we guessed how old the tree they chose is, but they have to wait until we take it down to count the rings.

After finishing the story, we said an extra thanks for farmers like we’d just read about, who work so many years to give us the perfect Christmas tree.

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