Courage over comfort

It's impossible to be all things to all people. Choose where to place your focus.

While I didn’t think it was possible, my team and I ran at FarmHer harder and faster than ever before in 2019.

We continued to run with arms wide open at all of the ways to connect with our audience, including more than 15 events across the country, 26 new television episodes, and more than 50 radio shows and podcasts. Our goal was to tell the stories of FarmHers to more people than ever.

I came to realize that FarmHer can’t be all things to all people all of the time. However, we can share well-told and focused stories to many people most of the time.

Does this sound familiar? We can't do it all! For 2020, I have decided to put more focus on stories—which is where FarmHer is rooted—and less on events.

We wrapped up 2019 with our twentieth and final Grow event, with a sold-out crowd of 400 young women. The theme of our day was "Courage over Comfort."

The theme stems from the women I have met on my FarmHer journey, such as Annie Dee, pictured above, who has focused on courageously leading with sustainability when others said her soil couldn’t be changed.

The FarmHers I meet put courage over comfort every day to start their businesses, keep legacies alive, expand their horizons, and provide for their families. They inspire me and push me out of my comfort zone to tell their stories in a bigger and better way.

In 2020, resolve to put courage over comfort when you are at a crossroads. You never know where that new path will take you!

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