Everything is (not) urgent

Everything seems urgent these days, but unless an issue truly requires swift action, hit pause.

Last month, I talked about how my team and I ran at FarmHer harder and faster than ever before in 2019.

As I head into my 40th year, I have finally come to the realization that it’s not the job, the situation, the boss, or anything else; it’s just me. It’s who I am.

I am always going to push for more with persistence, and I’m always going to try to make everything a little bit better.

I am always going to try to fit a little too much into each hour of each day. I am going to run a little faster than I should, and yes, probably trip and fall flat on my face. It is just who I am.

I used to think it was the urgency of a particular job or person that pushed me to be that way, but it turns out, it’s just me.

As everything in our society continuously speeds up, it seems the urgency around me just gets greater and greater. The funny thing about urgency is it has a few different meanings.

First, it is importance, requiring swift action. Second, it is an earnest and persistent quality. The first is something like a lifesaving surgery. The second definition is more ... well, me.

Unfortunately, due to the endless stream of technology at our fingertips, so much of our world operates like most things are the first definition of urgency, even when they’re not.

So, here’s a thought for you and me as we work our way into this new year: Is the issue at hand the first or second definition of urgency? If it’s not the first, take a deep breath and a short pause before hitting the urgent button.

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