Farm Christmas Traditions

  • Christmas Traditions

    'Tis the season for Christmas caroling, sledding, baking Christmas cookies, and spending time with family. A few of us here at Successful Farming
    magazine discussed our Christmas traditions, and I wanted to learn what
    you did to celebrate the holidays. Here are responses from the Women in
    Ag community and Facebook group, along with a few personal memories.

  • Sledding

    I grew up on a farm in Eastern Iowa and each winter we would have a sledding party. Not necessarily a Christmas memory, but these are some of my best memories growing up. We'd invite the town kids out and go sledding in one of the pastures. We were super spoiled and we'd have four-wheelers and snowmobiles drive us back up the hill so we wouldn't have to walk. A lot of fond memories and a few injuries from that hill!

  • Feeding reindeer

    Jordan Anderson, Digital Content Editor for, remembers laying out alfalfa hay for the reindeer. I thought this was a bit of an unusual tradition until a few other members mentioned they did the same thing. Suey73 and Linda Wright, both from Illinois, each put out a bale of hay for reindeer. Renee Sabetta-Cavers’ kids put out grain and carrots. I guess I shouldn’t be surprised – if anyone is considerate enough to think of feeding Santa’s reindeer, it would be farm kids. 

  • Ornaments

    Each year Lauren Roy made two sets of ornaments with her children. “That way I would have one to keep and then they could have one set when they had their first trees,” she says. “I’m sending my son his ornaments this year.”

  • Stockings

    Carrie Schwarz Watson says, “sledding and ice skating on the small pond in the pasture south of the house were always favorites.” She also enjoyed snow slushies and Jesus’s birthday cake on Christmas Eve. “We always snuck upstairs to open our stockings before Mom and Dad were up for chores and made sure to put them back before they heard us,” says Watson. “Oh I love this time of year!”

  • Sneak peak

    Watson wasn’t the only one snooping for her Christmas gifts. Several
    years ago I confessed to my mother that each year I would take a sneak
    peak at my gifts. In my defense, she hid them in the same place each
    year (under a towel in her closet).

  • Christmas charity

    Christmas is a time for gift giving, but it’s also a time to help those in need. Each year Amy Driggs and her family choose an organization to donate money to. “They’re almost always children-oriented,” she says. “One year it was and one year it was Feeding America’s backpack program. This year we’re going to split the money and choose four different ones. It’s really fun to talk to our kids about what these organizations do and how they can help support their work.”

  • Santa's key

    Linda Wright started a new tradition last year with her grandkids. She took an old skeleton key, put a big red ribbon around it, and a tag stating Santa’s Key. “The youngest grand kid thought this was neat,” she says.

  • Christmas cookies

    One of my favorite holiday traditions is making Christmas cookies with my mom and sister. When my sister and I were still living at home we would make peppermint patties, sugar cookies, peanut butter blossoms, Chex mix, chocolate covered pretzels, peanut clusters, and, the best treat in my opinion, bonbons. It was a delicious, sugary time of the year! Now that we are older, we pick a few favorites to make each year.

  • Spend time with family

    No matter how you spend your holidays, I hope you take some time to be with your family. Start a new tradition with your children. Tell your grandkids a favorite Christmas memory from your childhood. Enjoy the time you have together. From all of us at Successful Farming magazine and, have a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

Women in Ag members share holiday traditions.

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