8 Adorable Farm Kids

  • Farm Kids

    Farm Kids
    They’re Mom and Dad’s best helper, full of energy and curiosity, and have an unconditional love for farming. They’re farm kids and they are adorable. Enjoy!

  • Jeff Kazin

    He’s all tuckered out! Jeff Kazin posted this photo of his son taking a quick catnap in the tractor after a hard day at work.

  • Scott Dudek

    Scott Dudek shared this photo of his daughter helping hand shell seed corn.

  • Kari Hollman

    With his jeans and boots on, this little guy is ready to farm. All he needs is a cowboy hat! Kari Hollman posted this photo of her son Wesley.

  • Helping out dad

    Kari also shared this photo of her kids helping out dad in the tractor.

  • Kid at Heart

    He may not technically be a kid, but props to this guy for staying young at heart. Brittany Smith Saylor posted this photo from a New Century Farmer Alumni Conference.

  • Bakker family

    That’s one good lookin’ family. This is the Bakker family photo taken in front of an old barn.

  • You been farming long?

    You been farming long?
    Rick Houston shared this famous farming photo with the caption “this always makes me smile!” It does the same thing for us, Rick. Those may have been the cutest farm kids ever.

This a collection of photos submitted by Farmers for the Future users.

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