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Romance on the farm

When you list all the attributes that describe your average farmer, you’ll likely say hardworking, determined, and maybe stubborn. But romantic? Love on the farm may not be written like the traditional storybook, but when it comes from the heart, it doesn’t matter if those feelings are expressed in a fancy restaurant or in the middle of a dairy parlor.

Some of our readers shared their most romantic moments on the farm. Read and be inspired to make your own romantic gesture!

It’s the little things

When we were living a long distance apart, he would text me pictures of wildflowers. – Ashley E.

Years ago, he was plowing and turned up a rock in the shape of a heart, and he brought it home. I still have it. – Mary P.

Our first Valentine’s Day together, I woke up to a heart made of baling wire and red silk roses on the barn. I about crumbled, I was so touched! – Dawn S. 

He would always stop and pick me the first trillium flowers he saw blooming along our road. When we realized it was illegal to pick them, he transplanted some by our house so I could still have them close. – Lisa S.

My husband brought me a cold drink with lunch to the hayfield just so he could give me a hug and tell me he was proud of me for all the hard work I was doing. – Loni A.

He cleans my windows on my tractor every morning during harvest. – Kim M.

If we are near each other during milking and a slow song is on the radio, he will stop and dance with me. – Kathy B.

He programs the coffee pot every night so it’s already brewed and hot for me in the morning. – Jessica R.

He was out cutting brush and one of the trees he had cut looked like a heart, so he took a photo and sent it to me with, “I love you.” – Lindy L.

My hubby knows I love to garden, but we’ve never had enough water. We recently installed a new reservoir and center pivot. He plowed up a small corner close to the water line so I could have my garden! – Kacey G.

For Valentine’s Day, my husband hot-glued a bunch of milk replacer cups and Bovikalc containers together to make a flower! – Kendra T.

Practical gifts can show love

For Valentine’s Day last year, my husband put an automatic gate opener on our calving corral because I had to shut that gate upwards of eight times a night. It was the most wonderful gift ever! – Heather D.

I got a 16-row planter for Valentine’s Day! This was the gift of time since it was an upgrade from an eight-row, and I do most of the planting. Also, I was thrilled when he ordered an automatic chicken waterer for me. He knew how much I disliked hauling water every day. – Karen J.

I kept asking my husband to get door knobs and latches for the Dutch doors on my barn, but he kept “forgetting.” He surprised me with a set he welded himself, in the shape of my initials. – Sarah T.

He bought me a step that mounted on the tractor so I didn’t have to get a ladder to wash the windows. To smooth things over, there was an anniversary ring underneath it. – Shari C.

For our first anniversary, he built me four poultry broiler houses, which allowed me to quit my town job and work on the farm with him. – Stephanie M.

He got me a laminate support beam for the house with the note, “I will always support you in everything.” – Tacy C.

My hubby built me a new milk stand for Mother’s Day and wrote, “I love you” on the side of it with screws! – Rebecca W.

Down-home proposals

My fiancé is a hard-core Holstein breeder, but he gave me a Jersey heifer because that breed is my favorite. He proposed two days later on my birthday; the ring was on a string tied around my calf’s neck. – Brittany S.

My husband proposed to me by tagging my favorite cow’s calf with a tag that simply said, “Marry me?” – Cammie W.

He made me walk half a mile in 3-foot snow drifts. His excuse was that we had to release the tension on the fence so it wouldn’t break. In reality, he wanted to propose where we could see the whole farm and our future. – Kelly Ann P.

I was the nutritionist for my hubby’s farm before we were married. He said I needed to come shake out the TMR. There was a rattle inside, and it was a ring box! – Jamie V.

We went out to check cows one night, and he got down on one knee in the middle of the herd and asked me to be his wife. – Kellie G.

My husband proposed at a rodeo. He made an awesome ride on his bronc, jumped off, borrowed the clown’s mic, got down on one knee, and popped the question right in the middle of the arena! – Abby A.

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