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FarmHer: Know Your 'Why'

Before you make important decisions or set new goals, do some soul-searching.

As we run forward into a new season full of potential mountains and potholes, one of my biggest challenges is to set goals that really work. Goals that not only challenge me but also challenge the team around me. Goals that make sure FarmHer is on the right path, in front of the right people, and serving the right purpose.

In reality, my goals are all over the place, from “be more present” to “serve the bigger picture.” Or “grow the social media accounts” to “launch a new brand.” All exciting and all overwhelming.

There is so much already in my bucket, so much more I want to add to it, and about a million paths I could run down on any given day.

Nebraska FarmHer Linda Emanuel shares this tip: To cut through the clutter and really create and achieve your goals, you need to know your why.

The more I think about those words of advice, the more I know they are spot-on.

My personal why is my family. When I am facing a particularly hard decision or struggling with whether a goal should really be a goal, I first think about my family. Is it the right decision for all of us? 

My business why is the potential good it can bring. Maybe it benefits consumers who become more closely connected to where their food comes from, or the worker at the local feed store who realizes just how hard that woman is trying. Maybe that good is for the woman who connects with FarmHer and uses the inspiration to push herself or gain confidence in her abilities.

Those are my reasons why. What’s your why?  

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