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FarmHer: Running in the Rain

The rain is part of the journey whether you're running or farming. Keep on going.

It’s Monday morning and I would rather do anything than pull myself out of bed. My dog has other plans, however, so up I go. I dig out some completely mismatched but comfortable clothes and quickly glance out the door. It’s raining.

I turn to head back to bed and then look down at the dog. She is dancing around my feet with excitement. I realize that I haven’t hit the trail in a few days and my own mind is dancing with anxiety, so I make the decision to head out into the rain.

Despite the pull of my warm bed, I know this run will get my day and week off on the right start. I throw on a warm hat and head out.

As I run down the path with the wind and rain hitting my face, I can’t help but think that the ability to push myself to run in the rain is a lot like entrepreneurship or farming.

There are many times throughout my run when I think about turning back, but then I pass under a bridge and the rain is off my face for a few seconds. I get my second wind. I see my dog’s ears flipping with excitement and I push on. I feel the fog lifting in my head and I speed up a bit.

Just ahead lies another hill, but I know that if I keep going, I will make it to the flat ground above. Passion and persistence are all I need at this point. It’s not the easy path; it’s not what most would choose. But in the end, it’s worth it.

There may not always be money or accolades waiting for me at the finish line, but the pride in completing something I am passionate about is real. I am blessed and lucky to be on this path, breathing in the spring air, feeling the wet drops hit my face, and experiencing the world around me.

Next time you find yourself running in the rain, remember, it’s just another part of the journey.

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